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The gorgeous Sonoran Desert surrounds the city of Phoenix


Why we love Phoenix: warm weather, popular attractions, famous art and culture, and great restaurants and bars. What more could you ask for? We love Phoenix because you’ll never be short of exciting things to do.

From exciting outdoor activities to relaxing spa days and everything in between, there’s something for everyone in Phoenix. And it’s centrally located near many of Arizona’s other attractions, so day trips are a breeze. You can’t go wrong with a trip to Phoenix.

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There’s no shortage of entertainment in Phoenix, so it can be hard to decide what to do. Experience the real Phoenix with these must-do activities.

Hike Camelback Mountain – This iconic mountain is not too challenging and is a great place to start your Arizona hike.
Raft down the Salt River – There’s nothing better than a day of rafting downstream in the Arizona wilderness.
Drink local beer – Phoenix has a fabulous brewing scene, so if you like craft beer, be sure to stop by the brewery for a visit.
Shop in Scottsdale – one of the most fashionable cities in the U.S. for your favorite brands.
Watch the Rattlers play – even if you don’t like baseball, Chase Field is beautiful and a lot of fun!

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Best time to visit
Phoenix is one of the hottest cities in the United States, so it’s no wonder summer is off-season. Winter is the best time to visit for the weather, but summer is super cheap.

❄️ Winter- Cool but not too cold, you can still sit by the pool while the rest of the country is shoveling snow.
🍂 Fall- After a long, hot summer, the crisp air is fantastic. Pumpkin patches and haunted spots abound!
🌼 Spring- Good weather, but beware of allergies. The Palo Verde trees in bloom are unforgiving to sinuses.
🌞 Summer- Prices are super cheap, but you pay the price in another way. Hot hot hot hot summer!

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