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Your Australia, summer is more than cool


Leave the summer heat behind and head to the cooler side of South Australia. On Kangaroo Island, get close to the wild animals; go to Handorf town, browse small stores and eat good food; buy a bunch of flowers at the central market and have a drink with the locals …… Of course, the joy of South Australia is much more than that, there are more experiences worth exploring for yourself!

▶ Kangaroo Island, God’s own zoo

In Kangaroo Island, South Australia, in addition to opening every pore to enjoy the amazing scenery, you also have to engage all your senses to interact with and please every animal resident here. Even if you don’t count the insects, there are hundreds of animals on this island, and when you get here, all your worries can be left behind, so no one will have time to think about what’s bothering them, and your eyes and spirit will obviously not be enough. In Kangaroo Island for two full days, when I left I sighed, this place is certainly God to create their own zoo, I can feel such tourists, is how lucky. The more than 4,000 residents living on the island are more like God’s waiters, who have to serve these small animals every day, many of them for a lifetime.

Kangaroo Island is the third largest island in Australia with an area of 4,400 square kilometers, and almost all visitors to South Australia come here, making it a veritable “must-see in South Australia”. But even in this case, the ecology and environment on Kangaroo Island is still very well protected, even if there are more than 100,000 tourists visiting and visiting every year, it does not affect the ecology here too much, and many animals still choose to breed and inhabit here. Many animals still choose to breed and live here, including the sea lions, sea dogs, little penguins and of course the cute koalas I saw on the island. In addition, because of the sea, many named and unnamed waterfowl, living here is also quite comfortable, many I do not feel rare lizards, hedgehogs and other animals on the island is more countless. If you get serious, it is estimated that the 4,000 or so residents of the island only account for a very small percentage of the existing animals, so the wildlife is the real owner of Kangaroo Island.

However, there is no need to worry that the enjoyment of the island will be compromised because of the abundance of wildlife. Kangaroo Island has its own set of specialties and specialty shopping, and accommodation is no problem. The coastline around the island is dotted with many specialty resorts. When I went there, I stayed in a room by the sea, with the balcony facing the sea, and the waves were dreaming at night, but unfortunately, the little penguins’ nests were on the other side, so I really thought I could see them. (The voice of the tour guide is saying: middle-aged woman, you are thinking beautiful!)

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