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5 distinctive restaurants and themed cafes to wow you


1. Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine – A quirky restaurant in Hong Kong, all dedicated to cute cats


One of the first things that struck me in Hong Kong was that the locals were so fond of their favorite cartoon characters that they were ready to eat them.


As a result of this phenomenon, Hong Kong has become home to dozens of cartoon-themed cafes and restaurants: Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine, Snoopy & Charlie Brown Cafe, Pop-up Cafe Pom Pom Purin, Gudetama Cafe, Ding Dong Restaurant, Moomin Bakery & Cafe, and Kumamoto Cafe, among others.


At these restaurants, you can enjoy some of the world’s cutest treats, including Kitty, Snoopy Cheesecake and Moomin Latte. What do you think of the menu?


香港 Hello Kitty 餐厅的 Hello Kitty 造型海绵蛋糕

Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine is an unusual restaurant in Hong Kong where all dishes are made in the shape of Hello Kitty.


Since Hello Kitty appeared in Japan in 1975, its popularity has not faded. The character Sanrio has developed into a global marketing brand and franchise. She is loved by children and teens, girls and boys and even adults.


Hello Kitty’s popularity has long transcended the borders of Japan. The character is beloved all over the world, and Hong Kong is no exception.


The world’s first Hello Kitty dim sum store opened here in 2015.


If you or your child is a fan of Hello Kitty, read my blog post about Hello Kitty locations in Hong Kong, in which I also wrote about dining at Hello Kitty Chinese Restaurant.




Address: Kitty Chinese Restaurant, 332-338 Canton Road, Kowloon


2. Izumi Curry Gudetama, Canahei and more: unusual themed restaurants in Hong Kong
Gudetama Lazy Egg Café Hong Kong

香港 Izumi Gudetama Egg 主题咖啡馆,适合儿童和 Instagram 用户


Izumi Curry is a company that owns a number of restaurants in Hong Kong. Some of them are unusual cartoon character themed restaurants.


Gudetama Cafe is dedicated to another popular Japanese character – Gudetama Lazy Egg – and at this restaurant you’ll sit on eggshell chairs, drink from egg cups and eat fun Gudetama Lazy Egg-shaped food.


It may seem a little strange to Westerners, but in Hong Kong, Gudetama is a sensation with his thin voice, lazy personality and cute appearance. He can now be found everywhere: plush toys, keychains, notebooks, T-shirts and pillows.


For those of you who don’t know, Gudetama’s character made his debut in 2013 after a new character contest held by Sanrio. The character had to be not only cute, but also represent Japanese cuisine, and Gudetama’s rise to fame began when he won second place in the competition.


Japan’s cultural influence in Hong Kong is huge, so Gudetama quickly became popular in Hong Kong even after his success in Japan. Now at Izumi, Gudetama appears in every dish in the form of boiled, semi-raw or raw eggs. gudetama’s eyes and mouth are made of rice paper, so you can too. Do you want to be like Hong Kong people? Eat cute cartoon food.



Address: Gudetama Cafe, YATA, LG/F, apm Millennium City 5, No.418 Kwun Ton




Kanahei’s Small Animals Café by IZUMI – A themed cafe for kids and adults in Hong Kong

香港Izumi Kanahei 儿童小动物主题咖啡馆

Another fun cafe and restaurant in this chain is IZUMI’s Kanahei’s Small Animals Café.


If you’re traveling with kids, be sure to visit one of these cartoon restaurants in Hong Kong, your kids will have a blast! This cafe has cute characters, a little bird Piske and a pink rabbit Usagi, created by Taiwanese illustrator Kanahei.


At first, these cute characters were only popular on the Internet, but their fame quickly expanded and they now show off on food packaging, posters, animal-shaped cookies, and even hold sports tournaments in their honor.


Address: Kanahei’s Small Animals Café by IZUMI – LG/F, apm Genesis City Phase 5, 418 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong

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