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A trip to Japan for food, art and relaxation


Japan is the land of food, fashion, art, nature and architecture. There is so much to explore, but most uniquely, you will discover a culture that is sure to inspire.

Our itinerary will take you through some of the must-do activities in Tokyo, an electronic city full of hidden gems. After a rigorous exploration of the capital, you’ll head to the volcanic hot springs of Hakone to relax and unwind. Next, you’ll visit Osaka, an underrated city with bustling street food and some quirky neighborhoods. Your final stop is the breathtaking Naoshima Island. This is an island dedicated to art, where you will see amazing exhibitions of contemporary art
Vibrant Tokyo is alive and well when it comes to food, nightlife, art, culture and fashion. You’ll touch the surface in six days! With 47 neighborhoods to choose from, researching what to do can be overwhelming. Tokyo is also a city that requires advance reservations for restaurants, events, exhibitions and galleries, so researching beforehand is essential!
With a city so large and worth exploring, the most important thing about staying at a hotel is that the subway lines are within walking distance. Consider also the connection of specific subway stations to different subway lines. Shinjuku is a great place for easy access to most neighborhoods. We also stayed in Ginza but found it to be a bit too corporate, busy and commercial.

Accommodation is not cheap! In Shinjuku, we stayed at the Sotetsu Fresa Inn Higashi Shinjuku, which was under the $150 mark and adjacent to the subway. It was a good price by Tokyo standards because it had private bathrooms, but our room was only the size of a shoebox! The hotel is located in a quieter area of Shinjuku, which makes it very convenient to explore the city.

In Ginza, we splurged on the Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel for under $250. It was a nice regular sized modern room just steps away from the subway station. However, the streets in the area were very busy and packed with people.

The friend we met in Tokyo was staying in a little-known Akasaka neighborhood for under $100. The hotel Super Hotel Lohas Akasaka is close to two large subway stations, making it easy for guests to explore the city. Their rooms are small but have separate bathrooms, which is still a good facility for a hotel. This is great value for Tokyo! There are a variety of cheap restaurants and fine dining options in the area.

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